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Ecoprotex Ltd Woodworm Treatment.

Ecoprotex Ltd Woodworm Treatment.

What is woodworm ?

Wood worm is a generic name for the larvae of a group of beetles that complete their life cycle in timber. In nature they play a valuable role in recycling dead timber in the forest. However when they attack timbers that have been used to make furniture or buildings, they can become an unwanted and often destructive pest !

The cycle of a woodworm life

Below are some images of evidence of wood worm before any treatment, these images can be found on joist such as under your floor boards and in your loft space, some of your main structural joists so to look after these timbers is a must!

How can Ecoprotex treat wood worm ?

Ecoprotex use an envelope treatment, this consists of applying a curative woodworm treatment to all accessible surfaces of affected timber. Envelope treatments do not penetrate deep enough to kill the larvae with in the timber so no drilling unless a serve case where we use an injection chemical to eliminate unwanted larva. Instead they prevent new larvae from boring into the timber and prevent adult beetles from emerging form the timber. This breaks the life cycle of the woodworm and prevents new woodworm infesting the timber, meaning that the infestation will gradually die out.

Below is an image of how our treatment works. Which is spray applied by a low pressure pump.

The benefits of Ecoprotex treatment are the system we use is

Full strength formulation

Solvent free

Targets all life cycle stages

And is tested to European standards against common furniture and house beetle.

Call our experts today to get booked in for your woodworm to be treated by Ecoprotex Ltd

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