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Professional render cleaning service

Render Cleaning

Ecoprotex Softwash Render Cleaning system, a gentle yet highly-effective cleaning technique that quickly removes moss and lichen from your rendered walls whatever the surface and no matter how heavy the soiling and discolouration.


Weather stains disappear, bringing your walls back to the original vibrant colour.

Ecoprotex Softwashing works on all finished coloured renders, including those from K-Rend, Moncouche, and Weber

Ecoprotex Softwashing not only cleans your rendered walls completely in one application and allows the original surface colours to shine through — it also contains a bacteriacide which kills the spores so that the moss and lichen which causes the stains is kept at bay for much longer.

Ecoprotex soft washing can also be used on affected brickwork aswell.

Here at Ecoprotex we also offer an additional breathable protective coating to apply to your freshly cleaned render

Which will help stop growth and stains and prevents water ingress to your render, bricks and stone buildings. 

render cleaning
Render treaments 

professional strength

Here we have a picture of the professional render Soft wash cleaner being applied. Scroll down to see just how clean this cleaner makes both render and brickwork look. We can also seal your render with a clear crème or even paint it with a damp prevention paint.