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EcoProtex use various  penetrating damp proofing coatings and products our range is extensive and designed to meet with what the customer requires.

We are approved water proof coatings applicators for PROPERLA® which is a coating that prevents penetrating damp in properties.

Please watch this short video to see how PROPERLA® can work for you.

Water Repellency of Properla Coloured and Clear Coating

Water repellency is governed by the organic group (methyl group) of the silicone resins. The inorganic portion of the silicone resin "cements" together the filler and the pigment. The super hydrophobic groups project into the capillaries and pores, rendering them water-repellant.

ProPERLA Masonry Creme

Applied white and dries completely clear to protect and retain the appearance of natural facades.

Properla masonry Creme penetrates up to 17mm into the substrate protecting the surface and repelling water offering a self cleaning surface.

ProPERLA Masonry Creme improves the thermal efficiency of the property and is tested to DIN ISO 4108-4 for thermal insulation, proven in tests to reduce energy consumption.

Moisture present in masonry walls speeds up heat transfer from inside the building to outside. However. Properla masonry Creme has unique properties to create a dry masonry wall, slowing down heat movement, therefore helping to keep fuel bills and energy consumption down.

The red area in this thermal image demonstrates the severe heat loss through the damp masonry.

Hot Image
cold image

The blue area in this image demonstrates how when drying out masonry walls thermal efficiency is improved resulting in lower energy costs.

Hygrothermal performance is the combination of moisture (in masonry walls) and heat (loss through building surfaces).

It is a proven fact that wet walls transfer heat twice as quickly as dry walls.

Properla will help reduce the moisture content within the walls, which in turn will slow down the transfer of heat. Resulting in lower energy use. Properla is tested to EN ISO 15148.

Improving Hygrothermal performance

ProPERLA Self cleaning

In nature the Lotus Leaf completely repels dirt and water due to its unique micro-structure, through the development of technology Properla coloured and clear wall coatings are able to replicate this super hydrophobic effect.

lotus water drops
colour chart

Properla Colour range 

Properla is available in a range of colours

Water Lily, Devon Stone, Pebble, Beige, White, Polar White, Cotswold Stone and Cotswold Cream .