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Penetrating Damp Exterior Treatments

Got a penetrating damp problem? EcoProtex can provide a masonry clear creme coating that can be applied to stone and brick solid wall constructions thus eliminating penetrating water ingress through the surface, Though still leaving the surface protected in its original form.

penetrating damp creme

Properla Creme

Penetrating Damp Creme

In addition to penetrating damp preventing paints Properla also has a penetrating damp treatment creme that is white when applied and dries clear making an ideal treatment for stone, brick and massionary house exteriors.

EcoPretex penetrating Damp Treatment

Applying Properla Creme

Here's Alan from EcoPrectex applying a penetrating damp protective coating to rendering at a property in Uffculme, Devon

properla creme

ProPerla Creme

Properla Creme applied to stone

A completed application of the clear drying damp resistant creme which was applied to this exterior wall in Wellington Somerset