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 Wall Insulation

Ecoprotex wall coatings has been tested and certified to standards. The product penetrates deep into the substrate, creating an invisible insulation barrier that reduces water absorption by more than 95%.

Our product has been tested according to EN ISO 15148:2002, demonstrating its hydrothermal performance on concrete, mortar, brick, and sandstone.

Damp Walls are Thermal Bridges

If the pores of a wall collect moisture, more heat is transferred than it would be possible if the cavities were filled with air. In conclusion, the thermal conductivity of the wall decreases enormously with dampness.

Tests have shown that a damp content of 5% in a plain brick wall, for example, can lower the insulation performance by up to 50%, especially where cavity wall insulation has been installed.

Consider that porous building materials, such as natural stone, brick and solid brick, to name a few, normally have good insulating properties. They have air-filled cavities, which offer low thermal conductivity but only when they are dry

Water Repellency of Properla Coloured and Clear Coating

Water repellency is governed by the organic group (methyl group) of the silicone resins. The inorganic portion of the silicone resin "cements" together the filler and the pigment. The super hydrophobic groups project into the capillaries and pores, rendering them water-repellant.